Refillable Brown Leather Journal with inlaid Semi-Precious stone

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This stunning Large Brown 7 Stone Leather book, Large Leather Journal, Memories Book, Chakra Journal, Chakra Book, Book of Shadows or much more, contains plain Artist paper and is handmade in India using traditional craftsmanship and techniques which have been passed from generation to generation. 
It contains artist paper so suitable for pencil or ink, sticking magazine cuttings, photos etc
The pattern is embossed onto the cover and back using hand tools, so each book is unique and the back will vary. The front of the book is set with 7 beautiful stones which have been individually chosen 

This book is perfect for a chakra journal, reiki training/notes, a manifesting book (sticking in photos, cuttings etc. a dream journal, a gratitude journal , book of shadows and so much more

The leather is tanned so therefore brown but the shade of colour may vary as this is a handmade item. 

330 x 250 x 31mm (sizes vary slightly due to being a handmade product)