Que-Sera Point

Que-Sera Point

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Que-sera Crystal Point

🖤 Grounding

🖤 Channeling

🖤 Understanding

Zodiac sign: Cancer, Aquarius

Chakra: Base, Third Eye

Que-sera literally translates to "What will be" enouraging you to let go of your worries and allowing you to surrender to what is. It is the perfect stone for people pleasers or those who feel they always give in to others as it gives you the courage to say no. Que-sera crystal helps activate your psychic abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Its deep healing power brings balance – uplifting and recharging your spirit.

Point on the left (C15) £16 8.8cm (sold)

Point on the right (C16 £16 8.6cm

Our crystals have been basking in the fabulous energy at Karma✨️. However, If you would like to cleanse your piece when it arrives, you can do it in the following ways:

🔮 Hold your crystal under running water (carefully!) or in a stream or the sea (check your crystal is suitable to be placed in water first)

🔮 Use sound like clapping, a tingsha or a singing bowl

🔮 Use palo santo or sage.

🔮 You can place your crystals in the full moon and sunlight (check with each stone first as some will fade) each month to recharge them.