Hand Made Rustic Leather Dark Blue Kilim Backpack

Hand Made Rustic Leather Dark Blue Kilim Backpack

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Hand made Rustic Black Leather Kilim Backpack, Jacquard Boho Hippie Rucksack is made using age old traditional methods and created by traditional leather Artisans. 
It is made from naturally tanned leather with kilim material

This bag gives a unique boho/hipppie look, perfect for a handbag/day bag.

The rucksack is lined with a black fabric and has 1 zip pocket. On the front it has a  leather pocket measuring 17.5cm (7 inches) x 18cm (7 inches) with a magnetic catch. It has a  leather pocket on each side measuring 12.7 cm (5 inches x 8.5cm (3 1/4 inches) with a 4cm (1 1/2 inch depth)

It has 2 straps for the back and a small  loop carry handle on top for ease.

As these products are each unique and handmade, the leather may vary slightly in colour due to natural tanning methods from bag to bag and the material pattern/colour will vary slightly.
The bags are finished with oil to nourish the leather so may carry a slight residual odour which soon dissipates when removed form the packaging.