About Us

In 1997 we opened our first shop and here we go again with shop number 3.  I didn't think I would be running my own shop again but opportunity presented it and we said why not! 

I (Liz) have been a therapist since 1992, starting with remedial massage, aromatherapy & going on to study many more

"-ologys!"  Aromatherapy was my first real passion, which I taught at Bradford College for 5 years.

I also love crystals, well, and everything else we sell! 

I am a yoga and meditation teacher and I also teach development groups.

I suppose the shop is an accumulation of all the useful (and useless!) knowledge I have built over the past 24 years.


The other part of the 'We' is my husband Kev, an engineer by trade but a keen supporter of the shop and all that I do with a behind the scenes interest! 

We love travelling to India to find a large percentage of our stock.  We take pride in knowing where our jewellery and textiles come from and have built up relationships with a few suppliers and their workers and pay a fair price for our goods. This has enabled us to supply a consistent high quality product for our customers at a fair price to all.

It's so exciting to be able to share everything we're passionate about with you.