Benzoin Pure Essential Oil (in DPD) 10ml

Benzoin Pure Essential Oil (in DPD) 10ml

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Styrax Benzoin

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Keyword:  Warming

Benzoin Essential Oil is the balsamic resin from benzoin (a small tree). DPG is Propylene glycol, which is used to extract the oil (using the process known as solvent extraction) Benzoin is a fixative so it is used as a natural preservative in creams.

It is a wonderful comforting, uplifting and warming oil - especially when a 'pick me up' is needed.  It can help soothe cracked and dry skin; excellent for use in gardening hand creams or for cracked heels.

Benzoin mixes wonderfully with sweet orange, smelling just like chocolate orange so really good if you are trying to curb a sweet tooth or just want a comforting aroma.

NB: In colder months Benzoin will require gentle warming before use.