Cypress Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Cypress Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Cupressus sempervirens

Middle note

Keyword: Astringent

Cypress is an astringent oil. It is very helpful for heavy periods, haemorrhoids, frequent urination, bedwetting and a productive cough. It is also useful to put in a foot bath for sweaty feet!

Cypress is a great oil to use to uplift you when you are feeling tired or depressed. Blends well with many other essential oils including woody or mint oils, citrus (especially grapefruit) and floral oils. read less 

It is also sometimes added to blends aimed at reducing cellulite. Cypress Oil is believed help offer balance to oily and congested skin.

Great to incorporated into a natural deodorant as it is good for excessive perspiration (always ensure it is diluted to a maximum of 1% before skin application). Cypress is a refreshing, woody and slightly spicy in its aroma which often makes it a popular choice for the more masculine blends.