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Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Citrus sinensis

Top note

Keyword:  Radiance

Orange is a great for helping to reduce nervous tension/stress and create a feeling of calmness and warmth. It is particularly good for those suffering from lack of energyfeel down.

It can be helpful to relax active children at bed time, especially when mixed with lavender and used in a burner or diffuser. 

Gives a lovely, fresh citrus fragrance to your house.

Method of Use:

Massage:  Mix up to 2 drops in total with other essential oils for massage, Making the blend a total of 6 drops diluted into a carrier oil of your choice. In all cases, less is more.

Diffuser/oil burner:  4-5 drops in TOTAL with other essential oils.

Bath:  Can be mixed with other essential oils, never exceed MORE than 6 drops in total for the oil blend. Add the oils to an egg cup of full fat milk to disperse in the bath water.