Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Lavender 50/52 High Altitude Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Lavandula angustifolia

Keyword: Relaxing

Lavender 50/52 means the lavender has been grown at high altitude ensuring a high content of Esters, the chemical component in lavender giving it it's amazing calming properties.

Lavender is probably the most well known essential oil and perfect for first aid kits.

It is perfect applied neat to cuts or burns (including sunburn) and can also be applied to blisters (using a cotton bud). It works well mixed with aloe vera gel for sunburn.

Lavender is a very versatile oil and mixes well with most other oils.  It is particularly good for everyday stress and insomnia (either add upto 6 drops mixed in a little milk into a bath or put a few drops on a tissue and place inside your pillowcase.

Method of Use:

Massage:  Mix up to 6 drops in total with other essential oils for massage, Making the blend a total of 6 drops diluted into a carrier oil of your choice. In all cases, less is more.

Diffuser/oil burner:  4-5 drops in TOTAL with other essential oils.

Bath:  Can be mixed with other essential oils, never exceed MORE than 6 drops in total for the oil blend. Add the oils to an egg cup of full fat milk to disperse in the bath water.