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Rosemarinus Officinalis

Middle Note

Keyword: Memory/stimulating

Rosemary essential oil is a good all rounder but particularly studies have shown that it may help memory, relieve mental fatigue and lethargy. Its a very useful oil to smell during exams and is also great to alleviate that Monday morning feeling.

Rosemary has a warm, penetrating and stimulating odour making it a must for muscle ease. Superb after sports activities - even more so when combined with Lavender and Marjoram. Dilute well in a carrier oil before skin application.


Rosemary has also traditionally been used in skin and hair care. It's a good toner and can be rejuvenating for the scalp. You can add it to your shampoo - it makes an excellent rinse for dark hair and hair in poor condition.

NB: Do not use if you take heart meds, seek a qualified aromatherapist for advice

Method of Use:

Massage:  Mix up to 2 drops in total with other essential oils for massage, Making the blend a total of 6 drops diluted into a carrier oil of your choice. In all cases, less is more.

Diffuser/oil burner:  4-5 drops in TOTAL with other essential oils.

Bath:  Can be mixed with other essential oils, never exceed MORE than 6 drops in total for the oil blend. Add the oils to an egg cup of full fat milk to disperse in the bath water.