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Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Melaleuca alternifolia

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Keyword:  Antiseptic

 Like lavender, tea tree is a must for the first aid box. One of few oils that can be used neat on the skin. Excellent for cleaning cuts, bites and grazes.  It is known to provide a boost to the immune system and help fight off infections

Due its effectiveness against bacteria, Tea Tree has been known to be used in hospitals to help fight against various bacteria and viruses. Australian Aborogines have used it in medical treatment for thousands of years. It is believed to be 11 to 13 times as strong as carbolic acid.

Tea tree can be applied neat on a cotton bud to spots and boils.  It has a very strong antiseptic, antibiotic action, helpful treating infected acne (with great care as it can strip the skin). It is also good for treating thrush(2-3 drops added with a little milk to a sitz bath) and athelete's foot (add a few drops to a bowl of water and soak the feet for upto 10 minutes) as well as using in a vapouriser to help revitalize, freshen and purify the air in any room.